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Our Mission Statement

S Servants of Christ

P – Preparing His Children

I In faith, Wisdom, and Stature

Brief Explanation

Servants of Christ – This includes all of us at SPI: parents, teachers, congregational members, pastors, coaches, lay workers, office staff, food service staff, custodial staff, etc.

Preparing His Children – This is done by praying, preaching, teaching, reaching, guiding, counseling, helping, feeding, shepherding, coaching, nurturing, training, aiding, fellow-shipping, etc.

In Faith, Wisdom, and Stature – We help His children to grow in their faith in Jesus Christ, grow intellectually, and experience healthy growth physically, developmentally, and in their life’s achievements.

An extenuation of our mission statement coincides with our acronym “SOAR,” which aligns with our school mascot, the eagle.  As St. Peter–Immanuel Eagles we SOAR as we go about our daily lives.

Soar stands for:


S” Stewardship – Giving of self and resources.

O” Ownership – Taking pride.

A” Accountability – Being responsible for our actions.

R” Respect – Admire deeply, people and places.

Core Values

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