Admissions & Enrollment

Tuition and CHOICE Program

We are a tuition based school.  If you are a member of the congregation there is a significant discount.  If you are not a member, the cost is similar to what a CHOICE grant is. 

We are part of the Milwaukee Parental Choice Program and have been since 1997 when it was opened up to religious schools.

This program allows parents the choice of where to send their students and the state will pay the cost if they are eligible.

To be eligible you must meet the the income criteria and live in the city of Milwaukee.

Our open enrollment periods are from February 1 - 20, and the same for each month after that through August.  After the August enrollment period we do not take any new students.


There are many opportunities for an individual to volunteer–kitchen, classrooms, field trips, etc.  SPI Staff shall be responsible for recruiting school parents, congregational, and community members for volunteerism.   After reviewing capabilities, appropriate placements will be made based on the needs of the school and its operation.


All volunteers are required to report to the office to receive a visitor nametag, which must be worn while volunteering.  Upon leaving, all volunteers should attach their nametag  to the visitor log book.


All volunteers will be informed that they:


  1. Will be a Christian example to all students entrusted to their care;

  2. Shall agree to abide by all school policies and guidelines while on duty as a volunteer;

  3. Shall follow the directions of the supervising staff;

  4. Shall not bring siblings or other children with them while they are volunteering;

  5. Shall not use cell phone;

  6. Will respect the privacy of all students and staff.  If during the time you are volunteering you learn of a physical or learning disability, behavioral problem, test scores and any other personal information, you must take the utmost care to keep this information confidential.  Discuss these issues with supervising staff and administration only;

  7. Will be covered under St. Peter-Immanuel Lutheran Church’s liability policy but will not be provided any type of health insurance to cover illness or accident incurred while serving as a volunteer, nor is the person eligible for Workers’ Compensation;

  8. Are subject to a satisfactory criminal background check.



St. Peter-Immanuel Lutheran Church and the SPI staff and faculty would like to thank all of the people willing to give of their time and talents.

How to Apply

On February 1, 2019, the Department of Public Instruction will open up their enrollment site.

You will go to

Once you complete their on-line application, they will have you print out a list of instruction.  You must provide the school with proof of income (if new to the program) and proof of residency.  This proof must be brought during an open enrollment period (the 1st - 20th).

For students in JK - 1st grade you must also bring a certified copy of their birth certificate.  Students must be the appropriate age by September 1st.


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